Our mission: Why another website on datascience?

Our mission: Why another website on datascience?

I have started this website with a clear mission: to help all people that manage data, like Data analyst, Financial Controller, IT/IS people, Business partners and who else in the business that would like to base their decisions starting from robust data and analysis.

After many years as Finance Controller, Business Partner and Pricing Manager I have seen that people tend to maintain status quo. So changing is difficult, what I have discovered during my experience is that changes are more easy if you have robust data behind that help you to understand reason to change and benefit of new solutions.

Following Fromzerotodatascience.com you will:

–  save time in your analysis using tips and tricks and most powerful tools (i.e Excel, Python,R)

–  Enhance data quality (quickly understand dataset, manage missing values, …)

–  Understand Best practices to share data and analysis with users

–  Learn how to communicate powerfully insight and results coming from your data

–  Learn Datascience toolbox (i.e Math & Stat skills) to make predictive analysis and support business with scenario planning

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You will also learn how to save time, impress your boss and management and communicate easily your analysis.

And you don’t need to be graduated in Statistics or Informatics to use these tecniques.

An anticipation of next steps:

September 2018: Python vs Excel: how you can speed up your analysis using simple tecniques

October 2018: 5 easy steps to ensure robust data (quick overview to your data, understand statistical info, manage missing data)