How to impress your boss: Infographics, dashboard, visualization tools

An image worth more than thousand of data, sorry words. Yes, sometimes you have a lot of data to present in a very small period of data. What is better than a good dashboard where to see in a glance your KPI’s or a nice infographics to show tons of info in few seconds?

People don’t have time, so having all in one page is very useful to present but also to make a good storytelling to help your audience to digest complex info and memorize important messages.

63% of your audience could remember stories, but only 5% could remember a single statistic (Source: Stanford professor Chip Heath)

Create an infographics

You can simply create an infographics with Picktochart

Infographics Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash
Infographics Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Here how it works:

  • Sign in to piktochart
  • Define a template 
  • Select from the left menu with icon, graphics that you want to change or adjust (graphics, background, text, color, tools) 
  • On the top side you can save, share or download

Below you can find some examples 

A simple but powerful infographics could be found here:

How quitting smoking affect your body

Infographics on Pinterest

What now you have to do is just think about which are the data that you would like to present and how to create a good storytelling that your audience will remind.

If you need to analyze quickly your data, consider to read: How to analyze your data in 5 minutes with Panda.

Build your dashboard in 5 minutes

Dashboard helps you to understand immediately what is going well (maybe showing green numbers, up arrows) and where to investigate more maybe with other self-service reports.  

An example of interactive dashboard
An example of interactive dashboard -Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

To create powerful visualization you need to fulfill the following requirements:

What I want to explain with this dashboard? Maybe I want to show if we have reach our sales target, or which are the most contributors for growth or products that are in delay

Test how simple and easy to read is your dashboard: go to one of your colleague with less familiarity with technology and ask to explain the content of our report. If he/she report the right message you have created a good one. Otherwise interview other people on what is difficult to read or unclear and simplify.

Create your dashboard: you have several tools to create it:

  • Excel: Best info At where you will discover how to create and manage your dashboard.
  • Python: More complicated but you can define every aspect of your dashboard. 
    • Plotly and Bokeh are the modules that you can use to excel on this topic. 
    • An interesting example is this Bokeh dashboard or Kickstarter project by category and status (successfull, cancelled…) including also name of the project if you pass through 
An example of kickstarter dashboard done in Bokeh
An example of kickstarter dashboard done in Bokeh
  • R: Best choice: Here you can customize everything, using Shiny and Rmarkdown using less code than Python. 
    • An interesting example is R Cran download monitor, where in one page you can see evolution of package download, name 
CRAN download - R dashboard example
CRAN download – R dashboard example









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SoDS 2018 – Summer of data science 2018

Hi all,

temperature is rising, holiday are coming. Yes we are in Summer. Why don’t get this fantastic time to learn more about Data Science? Today I will introduce to a good practice called SoDS

The first way to became a data scientist is to start to doing. Why not starting with Summer of Data science (SoDS)? 

 #SoDS 2018 was created by Renee @BecomingDataSci with the goal to learn something new about data science. So, now you are wondering how to partecipate. 

Is very easy:

In Week 1, you just start thinking what you want to learn. Just make a short list of things maybe regarding different topics (maybe have a look to my article “ How looks like a good data scientist”)

Maybe are you interested to learn more about math & statistical skills or you want to know more about Tools like, R, Sas, Python, or maybe find mates for a data competition on Kaggle

So are you ready for SoDS Week 1?

You have one week to search on the web and decide what you you want to learn.

Write in the comments what do you like to learn. It will an helpful way to decide to really start to become Data Scientist and to have a lot of fun.