Simple Plot Graph with Python: capital letters matters

Today we will see how to create simple plot graphs in Python using Seaborn. I have found in a Data Science book (by Sinan Ozdemir) a simple graph where we can plot sales and expenditure in advertising for different media like TV, Radio, Newspaper.

Let’see how it works. Where is better to put the money? First of all import pandas and seaborn  packages and dataset

import pandas as pd
import seaborn as sns
data = pd.read_csv('', index_col=0) #import data in CSV format using Pandas
data.head() # let'see how data are structured

TV radio newspaper sales
1 230.1 37.8 69.2 22.1
2 44.5 39.3 45.1 10.4
3 17.2 45.9 69.3 9.3
4 151.5 41.3 58.5 18.5
5 180.8 10.8 58.4 12.9

Let’s plot the data using some magic… and using seaborne package we can say to Python, to plot data having 3 x_vars, based on our 3 first column of our database, and on y_vars sales. Let’s see the result

%matplotlib inline
sns.pairplot(data, x_vars=['TV','radio','newspaper'], y_vars=['sales'], size=4.5, aspect=0.7)
Plot graph of sales for different media

But image to write the same commands now with Radio & Newspaper with capital letter. Python is very sensitive (or at least Anaconda version that I’m using), so take care of using correct name of variable.

matplotlib inline
sns.pairplot(data, x_vars=['TV','Radio','Newspaper'], y_vars=['sales'], size=4.5, aspect=0.7)

Where to find correct Variable name? You can see it from:

  • the head of your table
  • In Anaconda, on the Variable explorer in column Value

If you need further info on magic function, %matplotlib inline, you can have a look to this post on Stackoverflow

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