How looks like a good data scientist?

data scientist
Data scientist

Data scientist, what an appealing definition, but what kind of skills and which tools do you need to start? What is a good definition of data scientist?

Let’s discover on the web some good resources that will help us

Bernand Marr, in his9 steps to become a data scientist from scratch” makes a good syntesis. I just reported what I like most:

  • Math & Statistical skills: mmh, not very appealing in some cases. I remind my study in Statistics and how much theoretical looks like. Probably I will discover soon that could be used in a more pratical way. 
  • Learn tools: most of the activity will be cleaning your data to make good analysis. Remember garbage in, garbage out
  • Community: life of data scientist in same cases is not easy, many different tools and languages to be used. Having some peers and community places where asking help and support is fundamental.
  • Practice: someone has said that 90% of what you will learn is training by doing. I don’t know if the percentage is realistic, but certainly what I have learn most is from my trials, success and fortunately from my mistakes

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Installing Python with no admin rights

4 easy step to easy installing Python with no admin rights

Ready to install Python. Yes, but if I would like it to have it in portable way (maybe on an external hard disk?). You soon discover how you can manage this.

In few seconds you will starts how to install Python on any PC. But first question is which kind of Python version do I need to download? Continue reading “Installing Python with no admin rights”

SoDS 2018 – Summer of data science 2018

Hi all,

temperature is rising, holiday are coming. Yes we are in Summer. Why don’t get this fantastic time to learn more about Data Science? Today I will introduce to a good practice called SoDS

The first way to became a data scientist is to start to doing. Why not starting with Summer of Data science (SoDS)? 

 #SoDS 2018 was created by Renee @BecomingDataSci with the goal to learn something new about data science. So, now you are wondering how to partecipate. 

Is very easy:

In Week 1, you just start thinking what you want to learn. Just make a short list of things maybe regarding different topics (maybe have a look to my article “ How looks like a good data scientist”)

Maybe are you interested to learn more about math & statistical skills or you want to know more about Tools like, R, Sas, Python, or maybe find mates for a data competition on Kaggle

So are you ready for SoDS Week 1?

You have one week to search on the web and decide what you you want to learn.

Write in the comments what do you like to learn. It will an helpful way to decide to really start to become Data Scientist and to have a lot of fun.

My journey to become a Data scientist

Hi all,

I’m Frank, and I would like to share with you my journey on Data scientist. Discover with me what we need to learn to become a successful Data scientist and what is behind this world.

I’m not an IT guy, but I like helping people to take decision based on numbers.

How many business or personal decision was taken with wrong data or no data at all?

So follow me and we will learn together tools and techniques to treat informations, present it and make the difference in your personal and business environment.

What I want to do?

I would like to make a simple synthesis of resources that are available on the net and see how we can use it. Through this exercise we will learn to be more productive and efficient in analyzing data.

What you have to expect?

Dummy & simple language, limiting at minimum technical and abstract concept and lot of interesting analysis.

See you soon for my first topic!

Write in the comment any topic that you are interested to focus, I will do my best to reply